Watch our HIT Machine Exercises: Bent Knee Crunch, Bent Over Row, Clean & Press, Lunge, Shoulder Press, Shoulder Press Knee Drive, Skiers, Squat, Squat & Press, Superman

Watch our Auxiliary Exercises: Body Weight Squat, Skipping, High Knee to Elbow, Medicine Ball Above Head, High Knee Dumbbell Press, Jumping Jacks, Touch Downs, V Twist Sit, Step UpsSkipping, Body Weight Squat, High Knee To Elbow, Get Ups, Up Down Planks


The Squat, which is known as the “King of Exercises” is a compound movement, working multi joints and muscles. It is probably ‘The’ best exercise for all over body strength, specifically targeting you Gluteal muscles (bum), which are incredibly important to your overall posture and helping to protect your Lumbar Spine and Knees, two areas vulnerable to injury.