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The HITZone Skiers exercise is quite dynamic and places your body at an angle while holding on to the machine for support.

Start by facing the HIT Machine and holding the handlebars in an overhand grip at around head height.

It is essential to have a good grip of the HIT Machine as this exercise will put you off balance and you need the machine to keep you stable.

From standing allow yourself to drop down into a rear leaning squat with your arms extended in front of you and your head up.

The squat position you fall into is such that if you did not have the HIT Machine to hold onto you would fall backwards.

When you are at the deepest part of the squat you push back up from your heels, through your core (and using the HIT Machine for balance) until you are standing up straight with your arms fully extended above you.


Benefits of Skiers

This exercise provides a good aerobic workout for your heart as well as working numerous muscle groups. Skiers incorporates a version of the squat, which is known as the “King of Exercises” and is a compound movement, working multi joints and muscles.

The squat is probably ‘The’ best exercise for all over body strength, specifically targeting your Gluteal muscles (bum), which are incredibly important to your overall posture and helping to protect your Lumbar Spine and Knees, two areas vulnerable to injury.