Watch our HIT Machine Exercises: Bent Knee Crunch, Bent Over Row, Clean & Press, Lunge, Shoulder Press, Shoulder Press Knee Drive, Skiers, Squat, Squat & Press, Superman

Watch our Auxiliary Exercises: Body Weight Squat, Skipping, High Knee to Elbow, Medicine Ball Above Head, High Knee Dumbbell Press, Jumping Jacks, Touch Downs, V Twist Sit, Step UpsSkipping, Body Weight Squat, High Knee To Elbow, Get Ups, Up Down Planks


Not just for the playground, skipping is taken as a serious form of exercise by professional boxers, MMA fighters, basketball players and a range of other athletes.

It helps strengthen muscles, improve balance, increase bone density and according to the Jump Rope Institute, also helps improve reading skills, memory and mental awareness!