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Squat & Press

Stand underneath the HIT Machine with the middle of the shoulder pads resting on your shoulders, your feet should be a comfortable width apart, preferably with your feet parallel, and grip the bars next to the shoulder pads.

Initiate the squat by extending your Hips, i.e. “push your bum backward”. Keep extending your hips backward and down allowing your knees to bend naturally, until you feel you are at your lowest comfortable point, aim for thighs parallel to the floor if possible. Keep your chest and head up looking straight ahead at the machine.

As you stand up, push through your heels driving your hips forward and up all the way onto your toes. At this point press the bars overhead as high as you can.

Pull the bars back down until the pads touch your shoulders, at the same time return your heels to the floor.


Benefits of the Squat & Press

The Squat, which is known as the “King of Exercises” is a compound movement, working multi joints and muscles. It is probably ‘The’ best exercise for all over body strength, specifically targeting you Gluteal muscles (bum), which are incredibly important to your overall posture and helping to protect your Lumbar Spine and Knees, two areas vulnerable to injury.