Watch our HIT Machine Exercises: Bent Knee Crunch, Bent Over Row, Clean & Press, Lunge, Shoulder Press, Shoulder Press Knee Drive, Skiers, Squat, Squat & Press, Superman

Watch our Auxiliary Exercises: Body Weight Squat, Skipping, High Knee to Elbow, Medicine Ball Above Head, High Knee Dumbbell Press, Jumping Jacks, Touch Downs, V Twist Sit, Step UpsSkipping, Body Weight Squat, High Knee To Elbow, Get Ups, Up Down Planks


Start by facing away from the HIT Machine and holding the handlebars in an overhand grip at around head height. Move your feet back so you are standing at an angle with your toes on the ground and your heels as high up on the machine as they will go.  Push your arms out straight above your head so that you look like you are about to take flight – like Superman!

It is essential to have a good grip of the HIT Machine as this exercise will put you off balance and you need the machine to keep you stable.

From your extended superman position drop into an angled squat, leaning forward and facing the floor, you are also bringing your arms down in line with your shoulders.

When you are at the deepest part of the squat you push back up until you are back in the extended Superman position.