You are currently viewing HiiT4LiFE REOPENING GUIDE FOR MEMBERS


We are looking forward to our reopening and welcoming you back into the studio.  Before doing so we would like to provide you with information relating to the precautions we have taken in order to keep you as safe as possible on your return to HiiT4LiFE.

The video above demonstrates how this will work in practice and we have also created the below guidelines and information for all our members. We would ask you to please read this information and follow all guidelines on your return to HiiT4LiFE, so that we can all increase our Aliveness, Vitality and Wellbeing in as safe an environment as possible.

Member Social Distancing & Safety


  • We will have clear guidelines in place, with signs throughout the studio telling members what’s expected of them and how to stay safe. Staff will reiterate during your time at the studio. 
  • Social distancing will be operating throughout the whole premises. 

Entrance and Exit

  • Anyone visiting the studio will be required to use anti-bacterial hand sanitiser provided on entering and exiting the studio.
  • Where possible, a one-way system with entrance and exit will be used. If this is not possible HiiT4LiFE staff will ensure members avoid passing each other in the doorway and the social distancing of 2 metres will be adhered to.

General Hygiene

  • All HiiT4LiFE staff will have washed their hands before and after member sessions in the studio and will have used anti-bacterial hand sanitiser.
  • The entire premises will be cleaned and vacuumed daily, including washing and/or wiping of all hard surfaces with suitable sterilising cleaning liquid.
  • HIT Machines, exercise mats, and any other equipment used during sessions; and all door handles and other ‘high contact points’ throughout the building will be washed and/or wiped with sterilising cleaning liquid before and after every session.

HIT & Core Fitness Sessions

  • The positioning of our HIT Machines has been checked, and there will be a clear two metres space between members using HIT Machines allowing us to maintain safe social distancing.
  • There will be a ‘1 member to 1 machine’ rule. 
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There is a 2 metre spacing requirement between HIT Machines and a 2 metre spacing requirement to the auxiliary station to the rear of the HIT Machine.

  • For any members who are unable to come to the studio when it reopens or still have concerns about exercising in a small group session (or who simply want to exercise even more often!), we will carrying on with ‘HiiT4LiFE at Home’ online workouts each week.

Measurement Sessions, Goal Setting & Lifestyle Consultations

  • Measurement sessions will not be available while social distancing rules remain in place.
  • We will provide you with our Guidelines for taking measurements so that, if you have a partner or family members who can assist you, you can continue tracking your progress.
  • Our scales will be available for you to check your own weight. They will be cleaned before and after use.
  • Photographs are recommended to track progress. These can be taken at home and kept on your phone to review.