I fell into a HITZone around the corner from the commercial gym that I was working in, and actually saw what fitness means to these people that are getting missed out from the big gyms. The second I fell into HITZone I knew I was going to have my own HITZone studio. I knew that I wanted to be the one making an impact on these peoples’ lives.” – Philippa ‘Billz’ Jackson, Owner and Head Coach at HITZone Chertsey, August 2021.

Help transform your community’s health in 25 minutes with a proven high profit franchise.

HITZone is a breakthrough health and fitness studio business with franchises opening across the UK, USA and Canada.

We are committed to making a difference and believe people are better equipped to succeed in life if they have access to increased aliveness, vitality and wellbeing. Our passion and vision is to make this available and accessible to all people through our global network of HITZone studios.

Why HITZone is a great Franchise Opportunity

Feel great about your work by changing lives for the better while running a proven, highly profitable business model which maximises profit margins.

  • Low investment, low risk
  • Easy set up and operation in a sub sector of the health and fitness industry which is guaranteed to enjoy success in any location
  • Business support and training provided
  • Cutting-edge technology including patented HIT Machines, heart rate monitoring and apps for easy membership management and booking
  • Unique member acquisition process
  • Single or multi-site opportunity
  • Engaged and supportive HITZone community, driven by both member and franchisee satisfaction

If you are interested in finding out more information about what is involved in opening your own studio, please schedule a call with our team and we will be happy to answer your questions.