HITZone is a unique health and wellness studio offering safer, highly effective, coach-led, 25-minute small group sessions. Our patented HIT machines offer high-intensity interval training, low impact training for all levels with guaranteed results.

We will work on your exercise, lifestyle, nutrition and mindset so that you achieve the sustainable results you have spent years looking for. Our exercise sessions that are 25-minutes long and tailored to you in a small group environment so you don’t have to spend hours in an unfriendly gym. You have HIT machines & heart rate monitors to make sure we train you to your level, regardless of fitness, shape, size or age. 

With HITZone comes a supportive and friendly community that actively want you to achieve results. We’ll show you how to have fun and get excited about your health, wellbeing and life again. You will also have access to private Facebook groups for support, questions, recipes, motivation and more!

Here’s what some of our members have say about HITZone!

To learn more, and enquire for our timetable and prices, contact us via mobile or email, or message our Facebook Page.

Mobile: +1 780 885-3418

Email: [email protected]