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We are regular people – mums and dads, grandparents and busy professionals. Supporting each other on our journey to increase our Aliveness, Vitality and Wellbeing.

We have No Bodybuilders, No Posers and No Mirrors!

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Our friendly, local team will be happy to answer all your HITZone questions.

HITZone is for people who don’t like gyms, but who do want to get fitter and healthier to better enjoy life with their friends and family. 

“I am truly grateful that I found HITZone Hove. It’s a fun, safe place to exercise with likeminded and non judgemental people. As someone who hated exercise I look forward to my 25 minute sessions with a really great group of people. The instructors always have your health and well-being first and foremost and are knowledgeable and fun to be around. Best decision I made since moving to Brighton!”

Ursula Sexton – Member, HITZone Hove

“Fantastic space.  From the first moment I walked through the door I was welcomed and made to feel part of a kind, friendly community.

I have never been keen on gyms. I am over 50 and not fit, but the encouragement and support has been amazing.”

Caroline Pearce – Member, HITZone Hove

Paul HITZone Hove







HITZone Global is a fast growing international movement aimed at helping ordinary people experience the benefit of exercise in a safe, welcoming and fun environment.

Our small group exercise sessions are coach led and only 25 minutes long. Members are guided on what to do throughout the 25 minute session and the exercises are suitable for all ages and abilities. 

Due to our unique approach based on fun, community and results, we now have studios opening across the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada and Australia. HITZone is delighted to have a local studio available for you to join in Hove.

Please submit the enquiry form for more information, or feel free to contact the studio directly using the contact details below.

Studio Owner and Head Coach: Gary Vaughan

Phone Number: 07832 022002

Email Address: [email protected]

Facebook: @hitzonehove

Studio Address: Unit 23 Hove Enterprise Centre, BN41 1UY, Brighton and Hove

HITZone has completely changed my life and outlook on exercise! The workouts are 25 minutes, which is easy to fit into a busy schedule and the people are amazing! 

It’s like having a PT without the price tag and being motivated and supported by similar minded people. The results have been amazing, and my whole view around exercise has changed!

Amy Harris – Member, HITZone Hove

HITZone has been a life changer for me. A Covid safe, friendly environment with knowledgeable staff. 

It’s a community, not just a gym! It’s not just exercise, it’s nutrition, coaching and social events. I have met so many like minded people, and I would highly recommend HITZone to anyone!

Kelly Barrett – Member, HITZone Hove

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What is HITZone?

At HITZone you get the energy of a group workout with the attention of a personal coach. Our coaches provide an exhilarating, fun, high intensity workout. They are knowledgeable, encouraging and they are totally committed to your vitality, aliveness and wellbeing.

Who are HITZoners?

From athletes to couch potatoes, HITZone is designed for everyone – you set your own pace. Our unique HIT Machines respond intuitively to your effort and offer a super high intensity work out which is low impact on your body. HITZone sessions are super-efficient, laugh out loud enjoyable and deliver guaranteed results in a short 25-minute session.

What is a HIT Machine?

At HITZone, workout sessions are done using our unique, exclusive, patented HIIT machines that allow you all the benefits of HIIT exercises without muscle strain or any other negative impact. The breakthrough technology of our high intensity training machines is totally unique, resulting in an increase in your vitality, aliveness and wellbeing, along with an increase in energy, visible toning and additional calorie burn for up to 48 hour, which is independently, scientifically proven. HITZone members burn an estimated 300 to 500 calories in a 25-minute session and keep burning additional calories for up to 48 hours following the session.

How much is a Membership?

Our memberships options are available in 3, 6 or 12 month packages and offer the choice of 1 to unlimited sessions per week. Our memberships start at £85, with our most popular being in the £100-110 per month. When broken down our sessions are anything from £5-£9 per session. 

We’ve done our research at HIT studios in and around Brighton and Hove and can confidently say we’re at the lower end of the budget when it comes to instructor led small group HIT sessions; yet we provide much more support in the way of lifestyle and nutrition accountability and support.

When are sessions on?

Our timetable runs from Monday to Saturday each week, and we offer a range of sessions in both the mornings and the evenings.

HITZone in the Community


Here at HITZone Hove, we pride ourselves in our community – but this doesn’t just end at the doors of the studio. HITZone Hove and its members regularly take part in community projects that help to support residents of Hove and the surrounding areas. We frequently raise money for local charities, often those that have been suggested to us by our members, and take part in local events to promote the wellbeing of our local areas. Below are just some of the charities we have contributed to in the past, and we’re dedicated to expanding our outreach to aid our community year on year.

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Our friendly, local team will be happy to answer all your HITZone questions.