Jaki joined HITZone as a member a few years ago when she felt disillusioned by standard gyms. She fell in love with our exercises and our community, and it was not long before she was inspired to become a personal trainer and have a career in the fitness industry.

Jaki became an instructor at her local HITZone and realised how much fun it was and how it made her feel alive. Although she had never considered owning her own business, she decided to open her own HITZone studio and has not looked back. Jaki and now runs a successful studio in Telford.

“The energy I get, the buzz I get from being an owner – from speaking to people, people coming in for consultations, from when they start of the telephone to getting them into our place and getting them on their fitness journey is something that I really love doing.” – Jaki Fievet, Owner, HITZone Telford.

If you are interested in finding out more information about what is involved in opening your own studio, please schedule a call with our team and we will be happy to answer your questions.