At HITZone we make exercise fun, with guaranteed results leading to an increase in your Aliveness, Vitality and Wellbeing - supporting you to be the best version of yourself!

We guarantee visible results from 2 X 25 minute workouts per week

Scientifically proven high intensity, heart monitored training using HIT Machines (HIIT) 

Low impact workout with reduced pain, less Injury leading to more vitality, aliveness and wellbeing 

Highly motivating and energising small group with the personal attention of the HITZone coach

Very affordable low cost options to begin your HITZone journey and join our community

At HITZone you can transform your health and fitness using the world’s most effective exercise systems. Become part of our supportive community and experience the dedication of our HITZone coaches, as we guide you on your journey to being the very best version of yourself.

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