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Breakthrough technology creates a ground breaking first for the fitness industry

HITZONE is a breakthrough boutique studio business.  Using our unique IP protected technology of our HIT Machines.  We conduct small group Personal trainer lead sessions. Our passion and vision is to make Aliveness, Vitality and wellbeing available and accessible to all people through our global network.

With a success-proven model for franchisees, HITZONE combines the most widely researched trends in the health and fitness industry, pairing High Intensity Interval and strength training using HIT Machines, which, backed by our independent science have been shown to be a most effective method of burning fat, and increasing calorie burn both during and post exercise.

HIGH profits and low cost setup

HITZONE not only transforms the health and fitness of our community using the world’s most effective exercise systems but we also offer HITZONE Licensees a unique business opportunity in the Health and Wellbeing industry through our low cost, high margin studio set up.

  • Highly profitable business model, low investment, low risk
  • Unique product offering with access to the breakthrough technology of HIT Machines
  • Low cost monthly licence fee
  • Proprietary Client Acquisition
  • A highly engaged and supportive HITZONE community, driven by both member and licensee satisfaction
  • Easy set up and operation in a sub sector of health and fitness industry which will is guaranteed to enjoy success in any location
  • HITZONE proven business model maximizes margins for owners and vitality, aliveness and wellbeing for clients
  • JV opportunity for suitable candidates
  • The best all round business opportunity in the health and fitness market today

Breakthrough Technology

HITZone uses innovative technology to offer the best possible exercise experience for our community and operational experience for our licensees…

  • The unique technology of HIT Machines
  • Heart rate technology for performance tracking
  • Apps for CRM, client management and booking

If your preference is to be a HITZone owner-operator or an investor in a studio, the disruptive technology of HIT Machines combined with operational efficiencies and the differences we are making in our communities, are the fundamental reasons why HITZone is growing fast globally. In business timing is everything with there being no better time to own a HITZone!

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