HITZone are committed to making a difference and believe people are better equipped to succeed in life if they have access to increased aliveness, vitality and wellbeing.

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Are you inspired and committed to making a difference?

Established in 2015, the founders of HITZone saw a health, wellbeing and fitness sector that was being saturated by traditional big box, budget, chain gyms that provided a solution for a section of society that was already well catered for – the “gym-goer”. Where we saw a gap was for those people that didn’t exercise regularly and didn’t because of the three main barriers to achieving their fitness goals – motivation, time and cost. HITZone’s studio concept and fitness sessions solved these three problems. At HITZone we created our own unique training system using a breakthrough and now patented machine called the ‘HIT Machine’, which is exclusive to HITZone. These machines make available super high-intensity training with low to no impact. Our intuitive hydraulic resistance technology and coach supportive approach mean anyone of any age and at any fitness level can have a truly effective workout combined with heart rate monitoring. We believe we have the best work-to-result ratio of any exercise approach available today, all backed up by independent scientific data. Our marketing strategy is unique on the fitness scene. Every other fitness franchise out there is using images of beautiful, young fitness models – but this is exactly the sort of imagery that puts our members off, and it is the reason HITZone has no mirrors in its studios. HITZone is about feeling good about yourself, it’s not about getting a six-pack and big muscles. So, we use real members in our marketing; regular people, because that is who HITZone cater to. This aspect of HITZone is really important. If any entrepreneurs are reading this and thinking about starting a franchise in the fitness sector, they should ask themselves how many people do they know with a six-pack and low body fat? I think we all know one or two people like that – they are a small group, and they are extremely well catered for by the existing fitness industry. Now ask yourself, how many people do you know who are carrying a bit of weight and enjoy a few too many sugary or high-fat snacks? Yes, you know a lot of those people, because they are everywhere, and they are the people HITZone are aiming to help. HITZone opened its first studio in Telford in 2015, and its second studio was opened by a member of its first studio who loved it so much, they wanted their own. Going into 2022, HITZone now has 15 fitness facilities open and operational across the UK, USA and Canada, with a further 20 studios sold and in development, including studios in Ireland and Australia.


A franchise allows you to open your own business using a business model and brand which is already established, and which has proven to be successful – all you have to do is follow the instructions and put in the work.

The number one reason people choose franchising as a business model is the support you receive from the franchisor and the wider franchise network. This support significantly reduces the risk of going into business.

You go into business for yourself, but not by yourself.

A franchisee is their own boss, owns their own small business and can grow at their own pace. Franchisees can grow to owning and operating a large number of businesses within a given territory. This is what makes franchising such a popular business model.


Feel great about your work by changing lives for the better while running a proven, highly profitable business model which maximises profit margins.

  • Low investment, low risk.
  • Easy set up and operation in a sub sector of the health and fitness industry which is guaranteed to enjoy success in any location.
  • Full business support and training provided – No industry experience required.
  • Cutting-edge technology including patented HIT Machines, heart rate monitoring and apps for easy membership management and booking.
  • Unique member acquisition process.
  • Single or multi-site opportunity.
  • Engaged and supportive HITZone community, driven by both member and franchisee satisfaction.


We have countless positive stories of members who have joined a HITZone studio and changed their lives for the better – by getting in shape, feeling healthier and learning to enjoy exercise.

25-minute sessions and allowing members to book and change their studio times online means they can easily fit HITZone into their schedule.

Members get the energy of a group workout with the attention and encouragement of a fully committed personal coach due to a maximum group size of 10 members per session.

Sessions are heart rate monitored, high intensity interval training designed to maximise time in the zone, stimulate metabolism and increase energy. Members burn an estimated 300 to 500 calories per session and keep burning additional calories for up to 48-hours. This results in increased vitality, aliveness and wellbeing, providing members with more energy and visible toning.

All this is due to our unique patented HIT Machines being a highly effective and fun method of burning fat and increasing calorie burn, both during and post exercise.

Scientific studies have shown that HITZone members…

  • Burn 17% more calories
  • Enjoy an 80% reduction in DOMS (next day muscle pain)
  • Experience a continued calorie burn for 48 hours

…when they train at a HITZone session when compared to a traditional gym.


HITZone combines 9 (in bold below) of the top 10 trends in the health and fitness industry in 2021 as defined by global authority ACSM:

  • Online Training
  • Wearable Technology
  • Body Weight Training
  • Outdoor Activities
  • High intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
  • Virtual Training
  • Exercise is Medicine**
  • Training with Free Weights
  • Fitness Programs for Older Adults
  • Personal Training

**’Exercise is Medicine’ is a trend which has developed among the global medical community. It encourages medical professionals to refer patients to exercise professionals and to use physical activity as part of their treatment. As a community of exercise professionals, HITZone fully supports this initiative.


Whether your preference is to be a HITZone owner-operator or an investor in a studio; the disruptive technology of HIT Machines combined with operational efficiency and the differences we are making in our communities are the fundamental reasons why HITZone is a fast-growing global franchise.

If you want independence, if you want financial freedom and if you’re committed to making a difference to your own life and others, then you’re ready to begin your HITZone journey.

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Are you inspired and committed to making a difference?

Chris Beech shares his experience as a first-time studio owner with HITZone Global.

HITZone Global, the 25-minute fitness studio franchise is celebrating its sixth year in business and a well-earned 70% growth in 2020.  Part of that success is their new studio in Congleton, Manchester, which is owned and operated by first time franchisee Chris Beech.

Chris reflects on his first few months as a studio owner, having opened in August 2020 directly after the first lockdown ended.

“I would say perhaps one of the biggest worries to anyone looking to open a studio, is yes they might want to do it, but will it work? That’s the big question that I asked. What we’ve found, is that with the support and the marketing strategy that HITZone Global provide, that we’re already 100% ahead of where we should have been, which obviously we are delighted with.

“After being open just over a month, a month and a day, we had twice as many members as we were expecting to get at that point, and we had already broken even at that point – so we were absolutely thrilled with the results. We still get lots of enquiries coming in regularly, and that is to do with the targeted marketing that HITZone Global help you with, it has proven really successful.

“My background previously was playing professional football, then I got into banking and did that for a few years. Then I moved into recruitment but found that I wasn’t enjoying myself so looked into franchising. I contacted a couple of franchises and got way down the road with them, but realised it was just financially not viable. I went back to the drawing board, found HITZone Global and looked at their model. It was financially affordable, but interestingly was also reaching out to a different marketplace – helping everyday people get back into fitness, rather than trying to attract in super fit people, and that really appealed to me.

“I think if anybody, no matter what walk of life they are in at the moment, are looking to change what they want to do. They would be able to do this, as long as they have the enthusiasm and the desire to help people. You will have all the support that HITZone Global provide. They have a very clear plan, a very clear structure providing the steps you should take. And also, there is a hell of a lot of support there from the other studios in terms of encouragement or even practical tips of what they found useful while they were opening up.

“It sounds cheesy, and owners from the other studios said it to me at first, ‘you will be changing people lives’. That has quickly proven to be true. We have had people coming in saying they have lost 9-10lbs and they’ve only been here a couple of weeks. Telling me that they’ve never exercised before, were scared of exercising, but now they look forward to coming into the studio to exercise. So, you know, there is a feel-good factor that is difficult to explain until you get involved with it, but yeah, I find it amazing.”


HITZone uses the breakthrough technology of our high intensity training machines in a new and totally unique small group personal training workout. This results in an increase in your vitality, aliveness and wellbeing with an increase in energy, visible toning and additional calorie burn for up to 48 hour, which is independently, scientifically proven.


Heart Rate based high intensity interval training, backed by independent science on the effects of excess post exercise consumption (EPOC). HITZone’s heart rate monitored training is designed to maximise time in the zone stimulating metabolism and increasing energy. We call it ‘The Afterburn’.

HITZone members burn an estimated 300 to 500 calories in a 25-minute session and keep burning additional calories for up to 48 hours following the session

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Are you inspired and committed to making a difference?