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THE HITZone 25 Minute Workout

HITZone uses the breakthrough technology of our high intensity training machines in a new and totally unique small group personal training workout. This results in an increase in your vitality, aliveness and wellbeing with an increase in energy, visible toning and additional calorie burn for up to 48 hour, which is independently, scientifically proven.


Heart Rate based high intensity interval training, backed by independent science on the effects of excess post exercise consumption (EPOC). HITZone’s heart rate monitored training is designed to maximise time in the zone stimulating metabolism and increasing energy. We call it ‘The Afterburn’.

HITZone members burn an estimated 300 to 500 calories in a 25-minute session and keep burning additional calories for up to 48 hours following the session.


At HITZone you get the energy of a group workout with the attention of a personal coach. Our coaches provide an exhilarating, fun, high intensity workout. They are knowledgeable, encouraging and they are totally committed to your vitality, aliveness and wellbeing.





From athletes to couch potatoes, HITZone is designed for everyone – you set your own pace.  

Our unique HIT Machines respond intuitively to your effort and offer a super high intensity work out which is low impact on your body. HITZone sessions are super-efficient, laugh out loud enjoyable and deliver guaranteed results in a short 25-minute session.